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my teen titans and hive teams by ThatRandomNerd my teen titans and hive teams by ThatRandomNerd
okay so i saw this meme going around and i wanted to make my own teen titans and hive teams
i wanted to make the teen titans kinda dark and hive all cute and stuff to be funny lol!!! XDDD

so the teams are:
teen titans:

adolf hitler: obviously the leader of the team hitler is trained in martial arts and always carries a machine gun with him when things get super drastic. hes also always butting heads with joseph stalin but they secretly like each other :3 (i ship them if you didnt notice). he and joseph were brought back to life to form this team.

shadow the hedgehog: joined the teen titans after they saved his life from the destruction of the ark. has a chaos emerald to use several chaos powers and also has super speed! hes the most darkest of the bunch and he doesnt talk a lot but everyone likes him because hes cool.

joseph stalin: while hitler was brought back to life without any problems stalin suffered from lost limbs during the process and so had cybernetic implants put in him. he is able to morph his body like a cyborg (lol wonder who thats referencing) and is a super computer whiz. he sometimes fights with hitler about what to do but they secretly like each other (i used to ship robin and cyborg starfire should go to hell!!!!)

naruto: as part of his ninja training naruto joined the teen titans to help him become hokage. he fights with his ninja abilities and is the funniest member of the team. he hopes when he becomes hokage he can also get his other teammates to be put into the government especially hitler.

dante: the demon killer was fighting off demons one day and the teen titans came and helped him so he joined the team. he has his usual sword and gun combo and his demon powers and is the coolest member of the team. whenever bad guys make him mad he always flips them off and shoots them and looks cool.


barney the dinosaur: because barney obviously wants to brainwash all the kids so hes evil!!! @_@ he joined hive so he could work up to be a big time villain and is the leader of his team of villains. he fights by singing songs that put people to sleep brainwashes them or attacks them with a ukulele.

elmo: elmo wanted to expand his world to beyond his closet so he joined hive to help make his dream come true. he fights with magic crayons that he can use to draw anything into the real world. he also is good friends with barney already since theyre both kids show stars.

jennifer clam: the editor in chief of world monster graphics jennifer joined the team as a way to spread the awareness of monster fish and to raise interest in her magazine through criminal activity. she is able to summon monster fish to attack her enemies and even summons a t rex sometimes! she is also really random and sometimes comes to battle dressed in crazy costumes (like a bear outfit lol!!!!!)

applejack: after a mishap with twilights magic applejack ended up in the human world! she was scared of the new place but was found by hive recruits who helped her and got her into hive. applejack uses apples her element of harmony and her hind legs in battle. she doesnt mind being a villain in this world because shes already made such great friends with the hive members!

dat boi: a meme who came to life because so many people spread him dat boi was tired of being treated as a joke and so wanted to take revenge on everyone who laughed at him. he joined hive to get back at people and hasnt been happier. to fight he does crazy acrobatics on his unicycle and also swings it around.

the anti hero:

bonzi buddy
: a computer program that was brought into the real world as an experiment bonzi buddy saw the great injustice in the world and how nobody seemed to want to help each other on computers. he is a rogue fighter who goes against villains because they arent willing to be helpful. his attacks include throwing banana peels rolling into enemies playing violent pranks and telling jokes so bad they give people cancer.

the main villain:

barry the bee
: the bee/jerry seinfeld hybrid barry was originally jerry seinfeld until he signed up to be experimented on. in a freak accident he became a bee and so wants to exact revenge on everyone by making them all read the script to his next movie: bee movie 2: bee prepared. he is super smart and is able to make super complex plans that threaten the city on a daily basis and in battle hes got super strength good hand to hand combat and his stinger. he also wants to take hitler under his wing and train him to be his henchman because he sees potential in him.

so those are my picks guys tell me what you think please!
original meme here so you can make your own:…
MegaKopoToo Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
tries too hard to be funny let me show you how its done
ThatRandomNerd Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2016  Professional Artist
im funny fuck u mom
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