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[05:00 AM]

   Evil-Dec0y awoke immediately, alert as he always was. Calmly as he could, he got out of his bed and neatly made it, then prepared himself for the day. A quick shower followed by a brush of the teeth, comb of his hair, and painting of his face to blend in with the woods, and he was dressed in camouflage and ready to go.  Dec0y had to be physically and mentally sharp, after all. He knew what day it was.

   Arriving in his kitchen, he prepared himself a simple but adequate breakfast of black coffee and turkey bacon. He would rather have something he could eat on the run, and nothing else quite fit the bill as these two. He had no time to be sitting around, after all. His breakfast finished cooking, he poured his coffee into a large, sealable mug while carrying his bacon on a plate. Walking into his living room, he set his food on his coffee table and opened his gun cabinet, grabbing his hunting rifle and its accompanying ammo, the trusty .300 Winchester Magnum rounds. He silently loaded his rifle, occasionally taking a sip of his coffee or a bite of his bacon. When he closed the bolt, signifying the gun's loading, he simply grabbed another magazine, loaded more bullets into it, and repeated the process for about eight more mags. Ten mags, five shots each. Fifty of those freaks would die today. Dec0y wouldn't miss a single shot.

   He had finished off his breakfast by the time his gun and ammo was ready. He had handled the dirty dishes, then prepared more of his gear. He was expecting to be camping out for quite some time, after all. A tarp for extra camouflage, sandwiches and other snacks for meals later, jars for emptying his bladder, extra face paint if his current paint got runny, smoke bombs for quick getaways, and a suppressor fitted onto the barrel of his rifle. All his preparation guaranteed not a single thing would go wrong. Finished with his packing, Dec0y hauled his supplies outside and to his pickup truck. Tossing them into the back, he entered the car, started it, and began his journey, backing out and driving away. The anticipation was killing him.

[10:00 A.M.]

   Dec0y arrived at the convention center not one moment too soon. The horde of freaks hadn't gotten here yet, just as he had planned. This window gave Dec0y ample time to scout out a location and set up. A few yards to the east was a wooded area next to the road, perfect for hiding in. Seeing as driving into the area was a no-go, Dec0y went on foot to the vantage point, his equipment rustling as he moved. Before long, he climbed up the small hill leading to the woods, went prone, and disguised himself with the tarp, covering it in some leaves and grass to further hide himself. His sniper rifle readied, he set his sights on the convention center and waited ever so patiently. There would be no mistakes made.

[12:15 P.M.]

   "Alright furs, are we ready?" A man in a fox fursuit walked out of his SUV, along with two others dressed in wolf and dragon suits.

   "Ready~" They replied simultaneously, strutting their furry stuff along with the several other furries that had arrived at the convention center. Yes, today was none other then the furst day of Furry Fiesta, the annual furry convention in Dallas, Texas! Thousands of furries and furry enthusiasts across America had gathered here to celebrate who they were, and to also shamelessly partake in their fetishes! As if on cue, a fursuiter with a diaper around his suit gleefully trotted into the convention center, ready to buy prints, converse with other furries, and maybe even get laid (preferably with someone who had a thing for diapers)!

   From afar, the hundreds of cars parked outside the center made it look like an entire army was staying here! It just goes to show that nobody can break furries down, even with all of their insults, threats, trolling, or anything else! How unified they were that several of them brought out their MP3 players to begin playing their favorite genre of music: rave music! The thousands of MP3 players combined was akin to playing music at a concert, the radical rave music being heard from hundreds of yards away!

   As some furries danced in the parking lot, others entered the convention center to meet artists and buy some merch. While the ones outside got their groove on, none of the group that had accumulated noticed a glint of sunlight reflecting off of something in the woods aimed right at them. The group too focused on their dancing, none paid attention when one of the them, dressed in a cat fursuit, suddenly fell to the ground, blood pouring out of the fursuiter's mask. Having been near the back of the group, it seemed as though he was taken out in a strategic manner. One of the furries looked to his left and saw the dead cat, pointing at the corpse before dropping himself, a bullet having gone through his head.

   By the third dead furry, more of the crowd began to notice that some of their friends were lying on the ground. As another one fell, panic surged through the group as they realized something was off.  All the furries looked at the surrounding area, with one that looked eastward getting rewarded with a bullet through the eye. As the furry bled out, the others began to scatter, smart ones running for the convention center while others foolishly tried to get back into their cars. Those that sat in their cars trying to start their engines were shot like the sitting ducks they were, their heads landing on their horns and letting out an eternal honk. This, mixed with the abandoned or carried-by-the-dead MP3 players' music mixed to create a hellish symphony.

[12:27 P.M.]

   Dec0y had taken down ten already. Forty to go. Having just reloaded his rifle, he now set his sights on the center itself, the parking lot having turned into a corpse-littered wasteland. Peeking through the windows, he caught one of them on the phone, likely calling the police. Dec0y wasted no time in firing his next shot into the freak, watching as the phone fell out of its hand. Cycling the next shot, Dec0y came to the realization that several of them in there were likely calling the cops, and there was no way to hit all of them at once. He'd have to make the rest of his kills quick. Thirty-nine to go.

   He looked to the higher levels of the center, noting that word hadn't gotten up there yet, leaving the creatures in there ripe for the picking. His quick fingers moving, he aimed and fired at four additional freaks near the windows, cycling each shot like a professional. Reloading as quickly as he could, he snapped onto five more targets, wasting each of them in the blink of an eye. To say he'd done this before would be an understatement. The last time, the cops had taken about twenty minutes to get where he was. Police response time varied, though. If he has twenty minutes, that's plenty of time to go through the rest of his ammo.

   All inside were now in full on panic mode, even those in the upper floors, having noticed the killings. Dec0y knew what would happen, though. He'd seen it plenty of times. There were always stragglers that couldn't handle the pressure and tried to escape. He simply had to wait for them. Casually pulling out one of his sandwiches and taking a bite of it, Dec0y watched the exits like a hawk, his eyes never once leaving them. He chewed away at his meat and bread, noticing a scuffle breaking out on the first floor. They were already fighting over leaving. This batch must be incredibly stupid.

   Finishing off the sandwich, Dec0y readied his gun and aimed it at the front entrance, ready for the doors to open. They budged a little, one of them peeking their head out to check if the coast was clear. He knew not to shoot. It would spook the rest into staying inside. The freak stepped out and looked around, then made a mad dash for his car. More poured out after him, filled with the false hope that their attacker was gone. Meanwhile, some at the door could be seen trying to hold others back, aware of the danger posed. It wouldn't change anything, though.

   Dec0y made quick work of five runners, watching them all fall over to the ground, dead. Reloading was second nature, his gun ready in a few seconds. Shooting more in their cars, he was delighted to add more honking cars to the already loud parking lot. With twenty shots left, Dec0y knew that he'd manage to get out before the cops arrived. Almost laughing at the creatures running back to the center for being so stupid, Dec0y wasted no time in reloading and firing at them, five more being added to the tally. The rest of them managed to make it back inside, leaving Dec0y with fifteen more shots. Knowing they wouldn't come back out, however, he needed to get to a different vantage point. All his supplies still on his back, he moved a few yards to the east, finding a new nesting spot with the windows of the center facing him. The lack of trees here wouldn't be an issue. He wouldn't be here for much longer anyways.

   Those foolish enough to still be standing next to windows were taken down next, five more going down before anyone could even warn them to take cover. Ten more. Reload, ready. With the rest of them now taking cover, Dec0y didn't have a lot of time to play cat and mouse. He'd have to take some risks. Noticing some of them were below the windows taking cover, Dec0y decided to try shooting through the wall below the window. His effort was met with success, his shot having punched through and hit the one he aimed for, the thing reeling in pain. He'd bleed out quickly, no doubt. He followed up with four more shots through the walls, watching as each of his targets had the same reaction: pain.

   Dec0y loaded his last mag, his hands trembling as he tried to plan out an escape. With everyone on high alert and the police on the way, the only thing he really could do was make a run for his truck. Sneaking would be pointless, as it wasted too much time. He'd already taken a risk with the wall shooting. Why not take another?

   Finding his five last targets, Dec0y fired his final shots through the walls, not wasting the time to watch his inevitable hits take their toll on the victims. As much as he would like to go and grab trophies, Dec0y had to leave as fast as he could. Putting his rifle away with the rest of his gear, he got up and broke into a sprint. He made it across the road with no trouble, traffic seeming to be nonexistent today. His gear rattled as he took huge steps in an effort to get to his truck as quickly as he could. Hopefully none of them saw him come out of the forest, else they might be on to him.

[12:34 P.M.]

   As the furries cowered in fear and waited for the police to arrive, one of them noticed an oddly dressed man running across the parking lot. Covered in camoflauge and carrying a huge pack on his back, he certainly looked as though he didn't belong. He pointed to the man, shouting, "Look everyone! Someone made it past whoever's hitting us!"

   A few of them got up to look outside at the man running to his truck, throwing his gear into the back. "Yeah! You go guy! Show no fear!"

   "What kind of fursuit is that, anyways?"

   "He's got camo on. Maybe he's trying to be a chameleon?"

   "I can do better then that!"

   "Still, cheer him on! He's making it!"

   "GO! GO! GO! GO! GO! GO! GO!" The furries, unknowingly cheering on their attacker, were filled with hope that said attacker was taken care of. Rumors spread quickly that this man had eliminated the threat himself, that he was a furry icon, and even that he was in fact, not trying to be a chameleon, but rather an octopus.

   Dec0y was correct in assuming they were stupid.

[12:34 P.M.]

   "GO! GO! GO! GO! GO! GO! GO!"

   Dec0y didn't understand what they were going on about, but he didn't care, he was getting out of here. Having tossed his gear into his truck, he managed to get into the vehicle with a quick fling of the door, starting the engine and shifting gears as fast as he could. He was out of the parking lot and on the highway just as the cops arrived to assess the situation.

   Dec0y, victorious, breathed a sigh of relief as he drove. What a successful day of hunting. He'd be sure to remove his license plates and install new ones at the halfway point, as he always did. For now, though, he could relax and enjoy the rest as he rode home. He deserved it, after all.

[8:47 P.M.]

   As the truck pulled into the driveway, Dec0y yawned. All those stops he made on the way home had exhausted him. Getting out of the truck, he grabbed his gear from the back and went inside, putting his things away in a neat fashion. Now that the hunt was over, Dec0y was free to do other things. His first course of action was to turn on the TV and switch it to the local news channel.

   "We have a confirmed count of fifty killed in this deadly attack. It appears that whoever carried it out used a high caliber sniper rifle. We have politician Dave Democrat on with us for his comments. Dave?"


   Dec0y turned off the TV, having seen enough for one night. He next got on his computer to browse the internet. DeviantArt was his first and likely only stop for tonight, considering his weariness. Logging in, he looked through his watch list and noticed his friend Amarcato was hosting a stream tonight. Dec0y sifted through his feedback, then clicked the link to Amar's stream. He didn't plan on staying long, but maybe a relaxing session of watching someone draw would help to get him ready for bed. Plus, it'd be nice to catch up with his friends and streamgoers alike.

   "SUNSET IS BEST PONY!" screamed Icesticker as he flung a kunai at unassuminguser.

   "Sunset is garbage. Fluttershy is best," the banhammer wielder shot back, a shit eating grin plastered on his face as he dodged the kunai.

   "Uh, I think Twilight is-"

   "Twilight is also garbage," UU interrupted, shooting Gray down without mercy.

   Amar, not drawing this time, attempted to beat Ice with a keyblade. "GET IT THROUGH YOUR THICK SKULL. PINKIE IS THE BEST," he yelled, swinging and smacking Ice in the face. The Canadian was knocked on his back, but rolled over before Amar could finish him with a leaping stab, instead throwing shurikens at the keyblade wielder. The enraged teen was hit, blood pouring out of his side.

   Suddenly, Narflarg came out of nowhere with a steel chair, slamming it across UU's head and knocking him down. "RARITY'S THE BEST AND YOU KNOW IT!" Blood spilled out of UU's forehead, the result of a direct hit with the chair.

   "BAI GAWD," Jim Ross screamed, nearly on the edge of his seat. "HE NEVER SAW IT COMIN'. STEEL CHAIR!"

   "U-uh, I still think Twilight is-"

   Gray's face was introduced to Narf's chair as well, knocking the Pole over. Narf, victorious, went over to teabag him. "HE'S GOIN' IN FOR THE THREE COUNT!" JR yelled before noticing UU approach them with his banhammer. "INTERFERENCE! THIS MATCH HAS GONE WILD!" As Narf continued to arrogantly teabag Gray, UU lifted his banhammer high above his head and crushed the both of them with a single blow.

   Meanwhile, Amar and Ice were neck and neck, Ice having pulled out a katana to fight Amar's keyblade with. Both artists had made considerable slashes into one another, the blood on their bodies evidence of the hard battle they'd been put through.

   "PINKIE!" Amar yelled before rushing towards Ice.

   "SUNSET!" Ice replied, doing the same.

   As all of this chaos went on, grievousfan sat in the corner, watching it all. Her naked form painted so as to replicate Discord's coloration and show who truly was best, she knew he was responsible for this glorious chaos and praised him through her prayers. Gray, still reeling from being crushed by UU's hammer, stumbled over to her, trying to get away from the battle.


   "PFFTTTTT," grievous sounded out, replicating a hiss. She pounced onto Gray and stabbed him with a chef knife, figuring he could be the next sacrifice for Discord.

   As the blood ran through the virtual streets, the chat danced in it, figuring if it wasn't the PIMPS' collective jizz, it could be another of their body fluids. "MORRRRRRE!" MC could be heard screaming, practically bathing in the blood of its Gods.

   Dec0y closed the stream. If it wasn't the TV, it was the internet. What a bunch of loons. His loons, but still. Ready to finish the day, Dec0y went to his room, dressed appropriately for bed, and got under the covers. No hunts were planned tomorrow, so who knew what it would bring?
Disclaimer: Hey hey hey. Contained in this story are jokes, not personal attacks. If you're offended, I'm not sorry, buddy boy. :^)…
hahaaha oh man am i on drugs now or something holy shit
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"disclaimer: chuck is a big baby and clearly cares about the feelings of the people he covers and doesnt want to offend anybody"
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